COVID 19 Pickup & Delivery

NOTE: Please ensure the ID provided matches the information of the person who purchased the product. We cannot release packages to a person who doesn't fit the name and ID of the person who place the order. Thank you.
1. Place your order through our website. If you have trouble with the website, please phone us for assistance (519-208-7775)
2. Select your payment option
4. Please have your ID & order number when you arrive to pick-up your purchase
Note: curbside pick up orders are packed within 10-15 minutes from the time you complete your order. Customers are notified via SMS text or Email for updates on their order status, and when to approach the door for pickup.
1. Delivery orders can be placed online if you are within our local delivery radius (15 miles from our store address)
2. Delivery orders are all prepaid with credit card 
3. Deliveries will be made the same day as the order, unless weather does not permit us to do so. Delivery cut off time will be one hour prior to closing. If a delivery order is placed after this time, it will be delivered first thing the next day.
4. Delivery requires a minimum $30 order, with no delivery fee.
5. ID is required to release your package
6. Our drivers will call the number you provide to use close to their arrival time
No store entry during lockdown, for the safety of our staff and customers. Thank you for understanding.
Questions? Please email us at:, or phone us with your inquiries!