Refreshing Cannabis Drinks: A How To!

Cannabis infused drinks are gaining more and more popularity, and like any other edible, you can get seriously creative with it! If you'd like to host a tea party no one will forget, keep reading 🍵


Cannabis Infused Milk

        What you will need;

🍵 Milk (preferably with a higher fat content, like whole milk) **Note: You can also use heavy cream, or coconut milk as an alternative to milk. Plant based options will work too!**

🍵 ½ a gram - 1 gram of your preferred cannabis (per quart of milk) **Note: ensure it has been decarboxylated first**

🍵 1 Medium Saucepan

🍵 An airtight liquid storage container (mason jar)

🍵 Cheesecloth

🍵 And of course, a stovetop!




1. Finely grind your decarbed cannabis into a powder. (Finer the grind, better infusion)

2. With your milk in a saucepan on low heat, add your ground cannabis

3. Stir your mixture frequently to avoid scorching. Let milk simmer for between 30 minutes to 1 hour (the longer it simmers, the stronger it gets)

4. After 30 minutes, remove your mixture from the heat and let sit for 10-15 minutes

5. Get your cheesecloth ready by placing it over a large mason jar. Pour your milk into the mason jar, letting it be strained by the cheesecloth

6. Make sure to properly label your jar to indicate that it is a cannabis product. Keep away from children.

*You can also freeze the mixture into ice cube forms for later use!*


Using your mixture


Morning Coffee: It could be as simple as that! Just add your milk mixture to any hot coffee or tea for that extra spin on your hot beverage


Cannabis Infused Fruit Smoothies: If you decided to freeze your cannabis milk into cubes, toss a cube or two into your next fruit smoothie! Perfect for a picnic or a beach trip.

Looking for a nighttime canna-drink? How about using a cannabis milk cube in a mocktail White Russian! 


Cannabis Infused Spaghetti Sauce: Thinking of making a seriously delicious cannabis dinner? How about adding some of your canna-milk to your spaghetti sauce! Add your mixture to any pre-made Alfredo Sauce in a saucepan over heat & stir; or add it into your own homemade recipe!


Use your cannabis infused milk in virtually any recipe that calls for a splash of milk!