Storing your Cannabis - Best Practices

Have you ever purchased cannabis, and felt it was a little on the dry side? Or purchased your favourite herb, and noticed it was a bit on the moist side? Maybe you noticed your herb losing its scent and potency - and you aren't sure why! --

If you said yes to any of those.. read on! Let's talk about how to change the humidity levels for your cannabis, and how to store your special greens.

Why does it matter what my cannabis is stored in? 

The answer to that is mostly connected to preserving the best qualities of your cannabis! When buds are exposed to environments which are too dry, or too humid, it can cause your herb to dry up and lose potency & aromas, or in the opposite situation.. when it's too moist - your greens will grow mould! And no one wants that.

I keep mine in the freezer - I heard that was best.

This is a canna-faux pas if there ever was one. By keeping your cannabis in the freezer, you are only causing the trichomes to break off the buds. This causes a loss in potency, among other things. If you've been keeping your cannabis in the freezer, it's time to change things up!

Keeping your cannabis in a room temperature, low light, low humidity type environment is the very best 😇

So what sort of container do you recommend? 

Only the very best for your buds -- and that would be a glass container! One that can be sealed air tight from the environment. If you have any mason jars laying around your home, those will do the trick! My personal favourite are the glass latch lid jars.

So what if my cannabis is too dry or too moist?

There's a solution for that! 

If you need help changing the humidity level of your cannabis - a simple addition of a humidity pack will help your situation. Keep your cannabis between 59-63%h (relative humidity), and by maintaining these levels, your cannabis will last the longest and stay in best condition.

Humidity packs come in all different sizes for different weights of cannabis! From small to large, you will be able to find the pack that's right for your jar size.


Keep that ganja fresh folks! Thanks for reading 👋

- A