Cannabis Hardware: What's Right For Me?

So you've got your cannabis ready to go! Now the question is... what sort of hardware can you, or should you, use to consume?

                      Let's break it down into types of cannabis!

For cannabis flowers, you can use any piece of glass that has a bowl or a ditch where you can pack your cannabis into. This includes styles of hand pipes, bubblers, (any size) bongs (that includes a flower bowl), dry herb vaporizers, hemp wrapping or joint rolling, and some have even gone as far as making their own organic pipes (like the good ol' apple pipe!)

So with all these options.. which one is the one you should use?

💭Hand Pipes:

When it comes to compact, small, and unique pieces of glass; a hand pipe is usually the way to go! Pipes are great for those on the go, and can fit nicely into small pockets and pouches. Make sure to clean your pipe regularly with a cleaning solution, so as to avoid your pipe smelling  while travelling. 

The length of a pipe tends to determine how harsh the hits will be. This is especially the case for pipes that are under 4 inches in length; these pipes will be the tiny pipes that pack a large throat hit! The longer the pipe, the more time the cannabis has to cool down.



If you're looking to kick up your experience, but want to keep your glass piece small, a bubbler is the perfect piece for you! Somewhere between a bong and a hand pipe, this style choice allows for extra filtration when you add water! If you're someone who likes to use a small piece and add water to your sessions - a bubbler is for you!



We've all seen them. All the lengths, shapes, sizes and styles. With so many bong styles out there - how do you know which one will suit you? To start, know that bongs will include a downstem portion, and a flower bowl for packing your cannabis. 

Beaker Bongs: These bongs are your standard scientific style, seen everywhere. they provide filtration and diffusion (from the downstem) and typically include a portion in the neck of the bong where a pinch sits; this allows you to put ice in the neck of your bong, to cool off your hits! 

Percolator Bongs: If you aren't sure if using a bong with a percolator (or "perc" for short) is right for you, start with a simple one! If you really want to try it out, I suggest buying a bong with no more than 2 percolators inside. A perc is another layer of filtration and diffusion provided in the length of the neck. Typically, water is held in these portions of the bong, separate from the base water, which creates even more filtration - and smoothens the hit for you. Keep in mind, the more percs you have in a bong, the harder it is to take your draw from the bong - because your cannabis smoke must pass through each of the percs, as opposed to a simple beaker - where it travels straight up in no time. That being said, a bong with a perc or two can really bring a smooth edge to your session. Add some ice to it, and you've got yourself a great set up!



Vaporizers come in all types of styles, sizes and colours! Many of them boasting some pretty neat functions as well. When it comes to vaporizing cannabis flower, it's important to research the type of vape you are interested in, so you don't buy one that doesn't suit your needs. Let's look at the two main types:

Tabletop Vaporizers:  If you are a home body at heart, a tabletop vaporizer might be for you! These vaporizers tend to be a bit on the larger side, and are typically set on top of your table when using it. The great thing about these vaporizers, is they typically allow you to pack larger bowls, and easily share with others (even larger groups) in a session. Some examples of tabletop vaporizers are; the Arizer Extreme Q, and the famous Storz & Bickel Volcano.

Portable Vaporizers:  In need of something on the stealth side of vaporizers? If you're on the go, and want your vape to come along for the ride; a portable vaporizer is the way to go. Choose your portable vaporizer by researching it's capabilities, and for it's look or size! Each vaporizer will differ in their own ways, but the key things you want in a vaporizer is durability, temperature range, type of heating, bowl size, attachment capabilities, and size/look!

Our favourite vaporizers include: PAX 3, Arizer ArGo, PAX Era, DaVinci IQ.


💭Papers & Hemp Wraps: For those looking to roll one up, or pack a pre-rolled cone, you will need to choose between the hundreds of choices of papers and hemp wraps! Let's look at a few styles of rolling material

Hemp Wraps: Wraps made of hemp, without the use of chemicals of fertilizers! Most wraps measure out to ~100-105mm long. Choose your favourite brand or flavour, then get wrapping! 

Rolling Papers: Rolling papers are available in different materials and sizes. The most common sizes include 1 1/4 inch, and king size. Flavoured, unflavoured, plain or patterned, and all include a gumline for sealing up your precious jay.

Pre-Made Cones: For the inexperienced roller, or just to make life easier! Picking up a pre-rolled option allows you to quickly pack your cone, spin the end up, and light it! Pre-made cones can come in different materials (hemp, cellulose, traditional rolling paper, and more), choose your favourite style and flavour, then add your favourite cannabis!

*King Palms: The must have pre-made palm wrap. These slow burning wraps by King Palm are an absolute must-try! Comes in different flavours and sizes. Shop your favourites in our accessories category 💭



For concentrated cannabis you will need tools that differ from those for cannabis flower. Most concentrates need to be vaporized in order to consume them. You can buy all the tools you need in our accessories lineup! Each item is essential in order to complete your session with a concentrate like shatter, rosin, resin, or waxes!


1. Your Choice of Concentrate

2. Dab Rig: A Dab rig tends to be smaller than a bong, and includes a different piece for your cannabis product to be placed into. With a regular bong, you use a flower bowl - but in the case of a dab rig, you will be using a nail or banger. A banger is typically made out of quartz glass, and sits in (or over) the joint on the rig. A banger has a bucket style end, where you will eventually place your concentrates in order to vaporize them. Your rig can include many chambers and recyclers inside, which add to the effect and the enjoyment! 

3. Blowtorch: A blowtorch is required in order to heat up the bottom of the banger. With your blowtorch (which should be full of butane), you aim the flame at the bottom of the bucket on your banger. This heats up the base so it will be hot enough for when you place your concentrate inside; vaporizing them. Tip: Heat up the banger on the bottom until you begin to see the glass glowing red hot. 

4. Dab Tool: After your banger has been heated with the blowtorch, pick up your concentrate and your dab tool! Use your tool to dip into the concentrate. With the concentrate on your tool, you will now dunk it into the bucket of the banger (of which you just heated the bottom of). You will begin to see the concentrate melt! Once it's melting in the banger, you can take your hit off of the rig using the mouth-peace. 

5. Carb Cap: Some prefer to use a carb cap with their dab session! A carb cap is placed on top of the banger (while your concentrate is inside being melted) and restricts the airflow, which traps the vaporized concentrate inside - allowing you to get the full benefits of the hit! Without a carb cap, you will lost some of the vaporized concentrate to the surrounding air. 


If you don't feel like having to purchase all sorts of different tools and use a blowtorch, there's a solution for you! Using a vaporizer for your concentrated cannabis will cut out all of the mess and allow you to travel with your concentrate while keeping things more discrete! 

Make sure the vaporizer you are interested in has the capability for vaporizing concentrated cannabis. Some vaporizers only work with busted flower. In a concentrate vaporizer, the coil/heating system must be different in order to heat up the concentrate enough to complete the job!

Recommended concentrate vaporizers:

- Yocan Evolve Plus XL (& other models: evolve, evolve plus)

- Yocan Magneto

- Puffco Peak Vaporizer

- Puffco Plus

- PAX with concentrate attachment



Sometimes figuring out what's right for you, means trying out some different methods and exploring new types of cannabis! If you have any questions about hardware or types of cannabis products, please contact us by email or visit us in store! We are very happy to assist with your discovery of cannabis.